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Services Provided:
Brand Review and Roadmap
Brand Strategy
Visual Communication System
Brand Communications Plan

The Challenge
Kangaroo, owned by Sun Lim Gardens (SLG), was a late entrant in the Singapore snack market in the late 80's. It imported, processed, packed and distributed traditional and generic nut snacks to supermarkets and convenience stores, targeting middle-aged and older customers. Right from the start, Kangaroo faced strong competition from the incumbent brands, as well as narrowing margins over time. Between 2005 to 2009, SLG's overall sales fell by 20%. The management realised that it needed to rethink its business model, as well as how to gain consumer mind share in a market with several entrenched brands.


The Change
Starting with a Brand Review, FT Consulting worked to understand consumers' perception of the Kangaroo brand, what they look for in snack foods, their snacking habits and what the competition offered. From the research and information gathered, FT knew that Kangaroo needed more than just Branding. As a good measure to break from the competition, FT helped Kangaroo to develop a new Product Strategy to embrace innovative flavourings for the nuts, such as Cheddar Cheese, Rosemary and Mocha. The new flavours targets a new but growing segment of young customers who were more discerning, adventurous in their palate and willing to pay a premium. Coupled with a robust Brand Strategy, FT repositioned Kangaroo as a brand that consumers will fall in love with, using a refreshed logo design that reflected the dynamism and energy of the brand and packaging designs that stood out on retail shelves.


The Leap Forward
Once the Brand transformation and new Product Strategy were in place, Kangaroo followed on to trim unprofitable distribution channels and brought the brand closer to consumers through pushcart sales in major malls and events. The new Kangaroo products, made with freshly harvested nuts and finest seasoning ingredients, were now able to command a premium price. Sales has since increased by 30% despite reduced distribution channels. Consumer feedback has been most encouraging and Kangaroo is looking to expand further into regional countries. In Indonesia, Kangaroo is a brand of choice for many consumers and more opportunities abound in this vast market. Currently, the Company's overall sales totals S$20 to S$30 million annually, with half of it coming from overseas contribution.



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